Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Las Vegas Zine Library Opens its archives!!!!

We are excited to announce the first installation of the Las Vegas Zine Library will open July 1st!!!! Just in time for IZM (International Zine Month)! The Beat Cafe inside the Emergency Arts Center downtown (across from the El Cortez) has generously donated space inside their cafe to house Las Vegas' only public zine archive! The Beat is a great locally owned spot at the heart of our city, where a good cup of coffee and music not piped in via Corporate mandate can be enjoyed (snacks? think muffintops)! Big thanks are due to owners Michael and Jennifer Cornwaithe for their support of LVZL and the local arts! THANK YOU!
The Beat Cafe (inside The Emergency Arts Center)
520 E Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV

Can't wait to see you there! Enjoy the new addition to our city! It's about time!

****Don't forget! If you have a zine you can put in the zine drop box and it will be added to the collection*****

-Jeffrey Bennington Grindley

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