Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 lbs box and some love from Italy

I had been waiting for two weeks(ish). Checking my box obsessively in anticipation, sometimes twice a day. I was nearly convinced i was victim to human error and the package I so eagerly thirsted for, and then.....the yellow slip was there. Today. Cue ball post master slips into the back and out comes the box. HEAVY BOX. IT MADE IT!!! MYSTERY BOX CHECK! Sent over from Chicago thanks to Billy da Bunny! THANK YOU!!!!! The bonus package was a cool full page comic from ITALY! So as it will take me a while to catalog all this treasure enjoy the flix for now. I am pretty confident the shelves are officially gonna be packed.....time to rethink the space :)
Bless up!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Stuff VIA Snail Mail!

Thanks in large part to Zine World announcing the opening of the Las Vegas Zine Library, we (you and me!)have been receiving donations from across the country from people who want to help us grow! :) Here's the latest in what we gots to offer!

Don Fields sent over two issues of "Twilight World" a perzine of his journeys, one of which covers his recent trip to Vegas! Thanks for the letter and the zines out of Grover Beach Ca. Don!

Kelly Froh sent down 5 perzine/mini-comics that are a fun read from Seattle. "Slither #6", "The Cheapest SOB's", "Wet Sandwich", "Norman #1", and "The Five Year Itch of Dorothy Barry" will all be available for your reading pleasure by Tuesday July 22nd! Thanks for your contribution Kelly!

Suggestions are always welcome as to how we can make this a better library for all! come visit us on FB to get in on some discussions and connect locally with others who love zines!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


New Stuff abounds, Music section now official! Local Zines added in this motley crew you'll find the likes of "Tippy Elvis #2", "Running With Scissors #3", "National Graphic", "LV Directory #6", "Grimoire", and "5 to 1 vol.2 #4"!!! Mystery box from Chicago should arrive any day now!

Monday, July 19, 2010

LVZL featured article

Check out the article about the Las Vegas Zine Library! woohoo!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So here's the deal......for every zine you donate, you get a chance to win a free LVZL tee shirt!!!!!! That's right! EVERY ZINE IS AN ENTRY! Once a month we will give away a shirt to a lucky individual as a way to show our appreciation for your participation! BE SURE TO WRITE SOME KIND OF CONTACT INFO DOWN AND PUT IT WITH YOUR ZINES (also include what size tee you want)! A letter would be great but even a post it with an email will do! The first winner will be announced August 15th! If you have donated a zine already, you are included! If you don't think I have your contact info please email LVZL ( to make sure you get entered in!
Woohoo free stuff!
-LVZL with love

The Zines keep rolling in!

So let's see.....
First of all let me say THANK YOU to EVERYBODY who has donated zines to share with everyone! I want to also thank Dakota and Stevie (my love!) for helping out and keeping this project going! We just got a massive donation from Moose. He dropped off a big chunk of his history and expanded the collection to now included over 40 punk/hardcore fanzines (FLIPSIDE and Maximum Rock & Roll) from the 80s & 90s! It's been cool reading all these old interviews with punk bands that have influenced me over the years, not to mention all the bands i never heard of or forgot about! New poetry chapbooks are trickling in from local poets(Mick Axelrod) and presses (Zeitgiest Press) too!
I'm glad we have a place to share our love for zines!!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

So How Does It Work?

Here's how it works:
You show up at the Emergency Arts Center (520 Fremont)
Chat it up with the friendly staff of The Beat Cafe, order a beverage or sumthin...
Make a Z-line for the Zine Shelf
Choose from hundreds of zines on array of topics
Kick back, put an LP on and enjoy! (at the Beat you're the Dj, they got the vinyl!)
Put the zine back when you're done, grab another, rinse repeat!

The LVZL currently is more of a collection on display than a typical check-out library system. However the goal is to get to that point to allow a more free flowing access. For now there just isn't the technical support for this kind of system. We're still in our infancy, despite the collection being rather sizable! We're getting good feedback from those who've stopped by, and those who hear about it! So keep checking back for updates on workshops, events and additions to the archive. Thanks for all your support!

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