Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Stuff VIA Snail Mail!

Thanks in large part to Zine World announcing the opening of the Las Vegas Zine Library, we (you and me!)have been receiving donations from across the country from people who want to help us grow! :) Here's the latest in what we gots to offer!

Don Fields sent over two issues of "Twilight World" a perzine of his journeys, one of which covers his recent trip to Vegas! Thanks for the letter and the zines out of Grover Beach Ca. Don!

Kelly Froh sent down 5 perzine/mini-comics that are a fun read from Seattle. "Slither #6", "The Cheapest SOB's", "Wet Sandwich", "Norman #1", and "The Five Year Itch of Dorothy Barry" will all be available for your reading pleasure by Tuesday July 22nd! Thanks for your contribution Kelly!

Suggestions are always welcome as to how we can make this a better library for all! come visit us on FB to get in on some discussions and connect locally with others who love zines!


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