Saturday, July 3, 2010

So How Does It Work?

Here's how it works:
You show up at the Emergency Arts Center (520 Fremont)
Chat it up with the friendly staff of The Beat Cafe, order a beverage or sumthin...
Make a Z-line for the Zine Shelf
Choose from hundreds of zines on array of topics
Kick back, put an LP on and enjoy! (at the Beat you're the Dj, they got the vinyl!)
Put the zine back when you're done, grab another, rinse repeat!

The LVZL currently is more of a collection on display than a typical check-out library system. However the goal is to get to that point to allow a more free flowing access. For now there just isn't the technical support for this kind of system. We're still in our infancy, despite the collection being rather sizable! We're getting good feedback from those who've stopped by, and those who hear about it! So keep checking back for updates on workshops, events and additions to the archive. Thanks for all your support!

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