Saturday, September 25, 2010

(UPDATE)Just when you think....

Everything has been smoothed out there's another bump in the road, a page you forgot to include or one that is upside down and wasn't caught till you printed 75 of em. So here's the latest for tonight adjustments and all.....

Due to a mix up that was beyond our control, Close to Modern will not be performing. :( However the boys from Rolling Fingers came through on a days notice and saved the day! GAME ON! Thanks guys, lotsa love! WE hope we can have Close To Modern play at another event since those guys are super rad. Aj Moyer is still set to steal your heart straight outa your chest make your mind explode scanner style with his spoken word. The prep for this experiment are in place! All that's missing now is YOU! See you in the LAb at 6pm!

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