Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zinebriated: 9/25/2010 A Night To Remember

Zinebriated 2010 started out with a big blank wall 13 ft tall by 71/2 feet long and as I'm taping the letters across the middle of the empty space, all I'm thinking is 'how are we gonna fill this much space in the span of a few hours?'. The people came. Turned out another event DontBelong.coms first live video cast was booked the same night and they had 2 bands set to play. We combined forces and as the music played people added more glue, ink and color to the now not so empty 'zine space. Aj Moyer did some great spoken word pieces between the bands that were entertaining and thought provoking. (THANKS!)

Everytime I went to the wall to add something I was surprised by all that had happened since I last visited. It was becoming it's own organism warping and changing with each personality that interacted with it. Food was being servedd (zine sandwich contest was cancelled due to poor planning) and it was delicious (thanks ANDY)! We had a bridal party come in off the Strip to party with us and add alittle flair to the wall. It was a great representation of how people can come together and create! By the time Rolling Fingers finished up their bang up set the wall was filled. It reminded me of a cave drawing in it's size, though the content varies slightly from hunting and gathering (or does it?). Innerviews' Chris Jones was on hand to print out copies of their latest release the LOVE ISSUE. The first 16 guests got goodie bags with stickers, pins, zines, patches, and candy!

CLick here to see some of the photos

Now the second half of the project begins as I craft what was done throughout the night into a zine that will be mailed out when done! Extra big thanks to my lady Stevie for all her hard work and love, she really came through :) XXOOO Thank you to The Beat Coffeehouse, Emergency Arts, Altered NAtion, Innerviews, Bike Bucket, Aj Moyer, Dreaming of Lions, Rolling Fingers, Mad Tam Lopez, the baristas, and's Max.
THANKS Especially to everyone who came out and supported underground zine culture and art in Las Vegas!!!!! That means YOU!

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