Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Emergency Arts gives LVZL a chance to expand!

It's been a hectic few weeks! Zinebriated was a great end to the month of September! The open mic I've been co-hosting with my good friend Dj miss Joy at the Beat Coffeehouse(Human Experience Mondays 7pm) has been blooming this month with talent and support. The Vegas Valley Book Festival has cleared a space for the Zine Library to table, in collaboration with local co-op bike shop Bike Bucket.

As if these weren't signs enough that our community is really embracing community organizations, non-profits and local culture, another opportunity has presented itself about which I am booming with excitement. The Emergency Arts gang has opened up a space known as the common area(the midway between all the galleries)to the Las Vegas Zine Library's need for expansion! I may have mentioned in the past that I was no longer able to add more zines to the existing shelves because of my restricted space. I had about 75 zines/chapbooks in storage just waiting to be bagged and shelved! Well, enter this new space, the zines now have come out of the storage closet and live happily on our new shelves! I spent the better part of last week painting with my lady(color coordinator extraordinaire)and have more plans to paint in the next several weeks to really create a space that will be a welcoming, multi-functional and creative open space. The new LVZL has lots of storage, so workshops are now being planned and supplies will be available for open 'zine sessions'. LVZL is now much more physically accessable and open to those who need to work on their latest self publishing project(with some extra resources and people to do it with).
LVZL is a community project and always will be, so please send any and all ideas on how to improve the space, what kind of resources you would like to see provided, and what kind of workshops you'd like to be a part of (teaching or participating) to


Thank you to all of you who have recently sent me zines sorry I haven't given the formal thank you I have in the past, know I really appreciate you! I'm a bit backed up to be honest with things to do so if you're waitng for something in the mail from me or a response I will get it to you soon! Thank you again for your support! Come be part of this new community space!!!
Peace Love Art & Zines

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