Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween Parades and Book Festivals

Lots of stuff has happened and I haven't had time to write about it. HALLOWEEN!!!! Emergency Arts invited LVZL along for the first annual Las Vegas Halloween Parade downtown! It was a lot of fun despite the hundreds of blank staring faces that did'nt know what to make of us all! I sported a giant zine and my lady had on the paper zine dress crafted by the creative Jen over at FLOCKFLOCKFLOCK. Super cool!Thanks Ya'll! Then there was the Vegas Valley Book Festival was a success. I shared a booth with the boys from the Bike Bucket. We collaborated to make a DIY bike repair 1/4 size zine called asic-bay ike-bay epair-ray. We had a good time meeting people eating free hot dogs provided by the city and educating people on zines and co-operatives. The progress with the mural for the new space is moving a little slow due to the artist moving and life circumstances, but as soon as it's done the pictures will go up! Thanks for the recent donations which i will list soon!

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