Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New New New End of Year !!!!

I want to make it official, although she has been working behind the scenes since day one motivating and helping me organize, I want to officially recognize Stevie S. as being part of the LVZL'zine team'(not to mention she's also the woman I love)!
Thank you for all you do for LVZL!!!!!

Here's what else is what!!!
Brand New additions-------
"Running In Place #3"<----Local
"Running In Place #2"<----Local
"Shards of Glass In Your Eye #3*"<----Revenge Of Print submission
"Bird Poo*"<---LOCAL!
"Introduction To Civil War*"
"The Enemy Of Mankind Speaks Power*"

At LVZL we also have DISTRO space, for FREE zines! If you're looking to find some new zines for your collection, or looking for a place to circulate your work locally, we're here for you! Just drop off (OR SEND)multiple(5-10) copies and we will display them and make sure they get out there!

Thanks goes out to Mad Tam for her awsome piece of artwork she blessed us with a permanent fixture to be sure! Thanks Tammy we'll miss you!

Okay and forget not that 2011 is REVENGE OF PRINT!!!!!!! So cut n paste the year away!!!!! See you soon!

As always thanks for your support

your local zine team @ LVZL
Jeff & Stevie

P.s. we love you

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