Monday, December 20, 2010

New Titles for the New Year!

With all the wonderful people sneding their donations and letters, I thought this would be a good month for me to give a little. So I pooled a lil money and ordered some zines from our friends at Microcosm, False Start Distro, and Sweet Candy! Here's a list of all the new stuff this month including this xmas order. Visit Our list of distros (zines make great stocking stuffers!) and order some stuff!

Node Pajomo Winter 2010
Pukka Joint Massif
Don't Tread on Me!
Library Bonnet #6
Brother Dana #5
There Is A Danger
Bring On The Dancing Horses
Onion Boy Comix
Running In Place #3
Running In Place #2
Shards of Glass In Your Eye #3*
Bird Poo*<---(LOCAL!)
Introduction To Civil War*
The Enemy Of Mankind Speaks Power*

East Village Inky #43
Sub Rosa #4
Sub Rosa #5
Pepperoni the by choice herbivore dinosaur
Art Bureau #14
Art Bureau #16
Papercutter #07
Papercutter #01
Infiltration #23
S.H.Y.I.B. #7.5
Ten Days That Shook Iraq
DIY Or Don't We? #01
Free Society #18
Ghost Pine Fanzine #08
One Way Ticket #06
Sob Story #08
Ten Street Stencils #1

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