Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Titles and More!!!!!

Wow it's been way too long to have delayed in posting, BUT! That's Life! Okay so what's new? Lot's of new zines freshly cataloged! Another workshop is up and coming here in April, our One Year anniversary is on the horizon.....What else is there? You'll have to wait just a little more to's a list of some of the newest additions to the library....(p.s. we're painfully close to 500 zines!!!!)

What's New At LVZL?! THIS----
RazorCake #60
RazorCake #61
Nightly Noodle Monthly
The Rag #01
...PBS #1
Punk Planet #20
Darkness Of Lust
See Lucid
Psionic Plastic Joy #16
Shopping Handmade June 2010
Shaka Zine #5
Notes From The Blood On The Crosswalk
BrownBag #4
BrownBag #5
NielZine #73
NielZine #74
Pho Real?
YOU (21 dead soldiers)
Special Editions Series #70
Down With Rome #1
Pythagoras Zine
The Secret Anarchist History of Newcastle
My Anarchist Pilgrimage
Wise Words And Lunacy
Opinionated Geordie Monsters

THANK YOU ALL For your continued Support!!!!!!!!!!!
see you at the library!

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