Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Zine Library!!!!!!!!!!! Thank YOU'S x10

Happy Birthday Zine Library!!!!! July First we Celebrate A whole Year bringing zines to the Las Vegas Community! In the last year we've had workshops, music, good times and most of all more ZINES!!! So many people have supported us this year with kind words and creativity. What I thought might be a few shelves forever has now turned into a great collection of local, national and international zines totalling over 500. This next year we hope to double the size of our collection, begin to integrate a lending system(!) and set up a local distro (in addition to the free distro rack currently available). More than a few people have brought their personal collection of zines in to be added, not to mention more and more zine makers coming out of the woodwork with new local zines! Thank you all! A Big Thank you to the Beat Coffeehouse, for getting us started and Emergency Arts for the expansion space. Cactus gave us a mail box that I will be installing soon to act as our drop box, Thank you! Thanks also to the expanding local culture and the people seeking to make Las Vegas better than ever. We have a unique identity apart from the PR Campaigns of huge out of town ad firms that the city council hires to represent us. It's gonna be another great year for zines!!!! Thank You all so very much. Love you all!

Jeff & Steph

LVZL curators


  1. got a stack of skratch, razorcake, some arthurs to in there a time/day of the week that there is somebody in the space? can I leave stuff with the Beat staff?

  2. We don't have regular hours at the moment, however there is a drop box for zines. I (Jeff) host an open mic every Monday night called the Human Experience at 7pm so I can recieve them then. Otherwise the beat staff is more than happy to accept the donations! Thanks! Hope to see you Monday!