Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Stuff!!! July is IZM & YOU zine available for free (limited # available!)

It's International Zine Month and our Music Fanzine section just got another MAJOR boost! Matt brought in a box of about 70 zines from his personal collection yesterday. They have been cataloged and now they will have anew home on our shelves. One of the many gems in this stack was PolarBearVixen #19, a local punk zine that still kicks ass, despite not having been published in over ten years!

I had already finished this post and put it out when I visited post office today. Whenever there is an envelope with zines I get all googly eyed and quickly rush home so stevie and I can rip open the package together. On the days when there is a key.... it signals a much bigger package, and i get downright sizzling! Today was a key day. To top the excitement the box I found was from Australia! Luke You? Yes indeed. You zine is always a pleasure, always different, humorous, thought provoking, sometimes very everyday, and even puzzling. What's great is that we get to distribute his work at the LVZL FREE! There are always copies that go into the archives, but why not have your own copy! So come down next week and pick up these rather unique zines of correspondence and enjoy! 

With IZM in full swing, it's time to get to the upcoming Portland Zine Symposium find more info here
Portland Zine Symposium 2011

This will not be the year we attend and represent but we are there in spirit!!! If you are going and would like to help represent by taking some flyers with you contact Jeff at lvzinelibrary@gmx.com :)

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