Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Revised Mailing info....

Hi Everybody-
Now sending zines in the mail got a little easier!! Yup the Post Office is ready to recognize my LV zine Library as an official business since a stray piece of mail was sent to the physical address of the library a few months back! What's that mean? Now you can use less ink on the envelope and more ink on those awesome letters you send along with each package -and oh how i love the letters!
No more worrying about spelling my full name out! All you have to write on the envelopes now is--

Las Vegas Zine Library
Po Box 72071
Las Vegas Nv

Awesome!!!!!!!  Don't worry, we didn't grow incredibly to the point that all our zines are sorted by machine! Every single zine is still handled c/o yours truly-Jeffrey B Grindley
Have a great day!!!!

Jeff & Steph

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