Monday, September 12, 2011

Dinner & Bikes-Few Pictures, many memories :)

 The Dinner and Bikes Tour came through Las Vegas Sept. 9th. Josh Elly and Joe rode into town around 3 oclock. We got straight to cookin! While Joe and Elly went to set up the bookstore at Blackbird Studios, Josh invited Stevie and I to assist in preparing this insanely creative meal! As a meat eater myself I'm proud to say I've always had a strong appreciation for Vegan and Vegetarian cuisine and a respect for the lifestyle. I was completely unprepared for combinations like Yellow Curry and Banana (this was cold) and several other creative combos. We sweated hard for 21/2 hours and were able to get to the studios by 7, just in time to meet the bike ride that was organised by Totecity's Gabriel Allred (thanks!). We got the meal set up and I ran back and forth to the store for utensils and such. The grubbing began and so did the inspiration.

Elly Blue gave a really great presentation regarding the economy of bicycling, an often ignored but important area of study when looking at city planning and the true costs of getting around town. Joe Biel was up next with some shorts that focused in on various ways one can change their community to create a more bike minded and safer place to live and ride in. A few locals shared stories of frustration with the city for providing bike lanes, then taking them away in order to expand roads as new casinos opened. It was really great to share stories with like minded people. The Microcosm books, zines, shirts and other merch. was great to look through and I know a few people had to pick up Joshua Ploeg's In Search of the Lost Taste after tasting what he had to offer.
The Dinner and Bikes Tour was all about opening a dialog, providing information that could affect change, and listening to the unique challenges that face each community. 
We shared, we laughed, we grubbed, we learned. We were given a glimmer of hope that positive change can happen here, and we have the ability to make las vegas a safer, better place to live and commute in.  Come back and see us next year.
Thank you. 
The people of Las Vegas
p.s. Thanks also for donating a box of books to the zine Library ! :)

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