Wednesday, April 29, 2015

LVZL "It's Alive!!!"

 We're still alive and kicking! Jeff & Steph here are rocking and rolling with zines being collected weekly! Last post we had, we were moving to a different website. Well the designing went okay but the exucution and update's stopped. Either way I was reading through Don Fields' Twilight World Zine and LVZL came up in a conversation he had with some local zinesters at the Comic book Festival wondering whatever happened to us.......WE'RE HERE!!! (Thanks Don!) i decided it was high time I post something here..... We want you all to know we still get all of your lovely submissions -whether at Po Box 72071 or dropped at the library itself. Some take longer than others to make it to the shelves (we like organizing them and protecting them the best we can!) but they all make it!  :) Here's the latest batch----received just a week ago or so....
Thank you all for your support as this marks LVZL's 5th year of existence with over 1500 zines (many of which are local) stuffed into our shelves! We are working this summer with organizations to bring Zine workshops to the youth. The Writers Block, our lovely downtown book store, is hosting regular literary workshops asked us to host a zine making workshop for youngsters between 14-18 more info on that is at the link below
Well as always we hope you keep on getting your zine making on, knowing that we haven't abandoned this project. We believe in it and love to have it in our home town as we hope you do to. Any suggestions, letters, criticisms and hugs are always welcome. See you soon!

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