who we are

Someday I'll have come up with a mythic story involving mob lawyers, radiation, card sharks, zombies and meth dealers, but for now we'll have to settle for simplicity.

Me: There's no place for people to read or find zines in this town! I should make such a place, I have zines! But...but....but....
Her: Sounds great, you should do it. I'll help out, I love you.
Me: Aw You're the best, but...but...but...
Her: DO IT!
Me: AAAH! Okay!

---------Our desire is to share our love of zines and other self published d.i.y. projects locally as well as globally. We believe that zines are an empowering form of creative communication and should be readily accessible to all people in all communities.

---------The LVZL serves as a historical connection between several generations of do-it-yourself publishers. We house an ever widening variety of zines from as far back as 1968 and as new as -just now! In July 2010 we set up shop in the heart of downtown Las Vegas inside the Emergency Arts Center where we continue to maintain our home.

---------You'll find the bulk of the library located in the artists "common area" of the Emergency Arts building (THROUGH the Beat Coffeehouse).
See you there!